Local Utilities

Water Company
City of Platte City(816) 858-3046
(inside City limits)
Public Water District #4(816) 858-2782
(outside City limits)
Electric Company
Platte/Clay Electric(816) 628-3121
KCP & L1-888-471-KCPL (5275)
Gas Company
Cable Company
Fairpoint(816) 903-3906
Time Warner Cable1-800-676-4917
Telephone Company
Fairpoint(816) 903-3906
Refuse Company
City of Platte City(816) 858-3046
Residential City Limits
Deffenbaugh(913) 631-3300
 Platte Valley Sanitation(816) 746-8619 
 Dennis Wilson Disposal(816) 232-0080 
Redgate Disposal (816) 716-6265 

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG 1-800-DIG-RITE (1-800-344-7483)

*The City of Platte City neither recommends nor promotes a Telephone, Cable or Refuse provider all are listed as information only.